Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hocus Pocus

I'm back! and just in time for Fall, my favorite time of year!
I love the oranges, reds, yellows and even the greens! This hair hair/hat combo is probably my favorite right now and it came FREE from Magika! *love them* 
This dress comes in about 5 different colors and the boots have quite a few options too! 
so be sure to check them out and take full advantage of autumn in all its glory

Hair: Magika - Sorcery (FREE!)
Dress: [FLRN] Zara Dress  ~  Currently @  Color Me Project
Boots: [Decoy] Neve Boots - Black 
Septum Piercing: (Yummy) Gold Septum Rings - Leafs 

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hart of Dixie

As I'm sure you readers are unaware, my SL hubby is from the south and I am a "yankee" as he says, or basically, a girl from New England :3 
We recently started watching Hart of Dixie together because in just a few months time I'll be moving down there with him and III am as New England as they get!
If you guys don't know the show, it's about a doctor from new york moving to a little small town in alabama.
and well, sure enough, I'm HOOKED! At first I was just making fun of all the mean girls on it, but now I'm making fun of all the mean girls AND giggling for more xD
of course my husband finds this hilarious that I love it now, #whatevah! 
But in lieu of my new obsession, I figured I'd get a little country on ya ;) 

My fav part about this outfit? ....
Curious about whats inside the screen house?
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Malibu -  light browns
Sunglasses: [Gos] - Butterfly Sunglasses Bagged - wear
Top: Apple May Designs - BlueBell Tops - Mint
Pants: Apple May Designs - Southern Bell Shorts - Sky
Heels: Schadenfreude Mint Polka Dot GooGooMuck Heels (for SLink feet - Mid)

Mods: Phat Azz, Slink Feet, Slink Hands
Screenhouse: LISP - Mesh - Persimmon House 
Day Bed: Alouette - Rainy Day Bench VIP Exclusive
Hello Pallet: floorplan. hello pallet
Lamp: floorplan. metal floor lamp
Book Case: floorplan. crate table / silver
Table: Second Spaces - Scraps table - natural with blues
Chipmonks: *MishMish* Chipmunk - With Butterfly / Chipmunk - Sitting
Pumpkin Pie:  {what next}Pumpkin Pie Decor
In all honesty ladies.. guys.. you should really check this show out. its great!
feel free to comment with your opinions!
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Green Thumb

Now I realize that this may have come a bit late in the season for green thumbing (severely, late) but I have just come across what could possibly be my new favorite store, Dysfunctional Designs.
They have a wide variety of literally everything! but mostly landscaping decor. They have an edgey feel, a bit rustic if you would, but alot of it is super beautiful and would also fit theme in any modern home :) 
While I was there I walked the entire sim (and wow is there alot!) they have awesome things such as vines that grow up your house, flower planters that you can shape around your yard and even paths with twists, turns, and elevation (sweet!) 
They also have pretty much anything you can think of in order to make your own garden. and you know what the best part about this is? they are super affordable and low prim! 
I know you guys are probably thinking I'm exaggerating but I'm not. I believe my entire garden I've created is under like, 40 prims. its awesome. 
anyway, at least I'm in season for growing some super pumpkins and wine grapes are always fantastic! and I cant wait to grow my garden the next time I visit :D 

Busy in the garden from sunrise.. 
'Til noon.

Want to see these amazing products? 

Saturday, August 30, 2014


♫ You understand, they got a plan for us
I bet you didn't know that I was dangerous
It must be fate, I found a place for us
I bet you didn't know someone could love you this much 

Sometimes when the job can be dangerous you gotta pack a little heat >.>

How do i look so dangerous.. you ask? well.. let me tell you ;)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Dog Days Are Over!

The Dog Days Are Over!
And thank goodness for that!
IDK about you, but I am ready for fall! Especially being from New England :) 

But just to reminisce over the ONE set of photos i was able to take before i got my new graphics card.. 
This is me and my daughter Zoe :) strolling around on some amazingly adorable bikes.
I love What Next.

Bikes: {what next} Bicycle Poses
PS. This set also included a really cute couples pose! gunna have to get my hubby on it soon ^^ 
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Let's Get to the Deetz!

They have released the most amazing 1L gift ever ever ever! 
Face / Body Glitter! and not just some sticker ones, actual glistening ones!
I LOOOVEE glitter and am a huge fan in both rl and sl!! so i am super excited to share this with everyone :) 
and like i said, only 1L, what could be better than this? pretty much nothing! 
... though i did end up doing a little deetalez shopping aannndd im loving their stuff. They have quite a few outfits for lola tangos and even the phat azz (which oh yeah, i forgot to share, my sister made me get one!) haha. 
Check it out :) let me know what you think! 
Glitter asrkjewrgk! 
(located above eyes, below eyes and on lips! Pack also includes a chest and stomach glitter)

What am i wearing? -->

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Hello everyone! this has been long over due but ive finally got a new graphics card!! efkjerlgrtjlrt 
i have MISSED blogging sooo much! i never meant to abandon anyone i swear it! 
my graphics had to be so low i couldnt even take proper photos ;.; *cries about it* 
but luck was on my side when i was able to get a Radeon Sapphire 7950 off of craigs list and WOW! hello beautiful graphics that i forgot exsisted. hello shadows. hello running through the stores without lagging. hello being able to REZ something without lagging. *sigh* slife is good again.
just wanted to share with everyone that over the next week i will be cramming in as many new items as possible. (tho PS. some may not be too new, but still new to me. i swear youll still love it all!)
i have alot of lost time to make up for it and im ready! 
i wanna take on the world and make my sponsors proud! well, and my viewers, of course ;) 
anyway, enough with the rambling! more to come! 
PS. this is my beautiful new home. I am now renting from GlenXi Estates and i couldnt be happier. they are super accommidating, have TONS of sims, homesteads, and any size, price, prim count option you can think of. if you are looking for some land. i would definitely check them out, tell them Suki Pelazzi sent you :D
LM to GlenXi Estates
Psshh, are you curious where i got this top? or how bout that adorbs phone? bitchin hair? pose??
lemme share rq.. 
Top: ISON - leather asymmetrical jacket (gray)
Phone: .tsg. Keitai Smart Phone - Beary-san Mint
Hair: Magika [03] Wait
Pose: :: Focus Poses Model 134 :: #9
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Oh hello! Ive forgotten my coat!

Hi everyone!
i realize i havent been around much over the holiday season. so i apologize and and setting a resolution of being around! and taking pictures of awesome things that i still have :D
So because of this.. i get dressed to the T, head outside and wait.. what? its snowing?
shit. i didnt even buy a jacket yet!
ah well, at least the snow is beautiful..and this means i need to spend the next month winter clothes shopping!
whooops! :3
Outfit: *better use for inside*
Hair/Hat: ~Tableau Vivant~ Noel Hair Ladies  - Fall
Necklace: MG - Necklace - Alexa Black Choker Pearls
Under Shirt: :STICKY FINGERS: My tube top (black)
Jeans: id. fall mesh skinnies medium
Boots: [Gos] GTFO Boot in Black
Purse: *ionic* take me out bag
Hands: Slink!
PS: i just got my Slink hands finally, and can i say they are downright fabulous! well worth the buck :D
PPS. Song of Today:                                 Bear Hands - Giant

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